Be Where You Are

One of the things I have been fighting with/worrying about, is whether I’m making decisions that will help or hurt me in the long run. Am I doing things the smart way? Am I making sure I’m being careful? After a major life-changing event, like the suicide of the person you love, the likelihood of […]

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I wasn’t able to write yesterday for a couple different reasons. An acquaintance of mine was raped on Friday night, and I was spending some time with her, as well as processing some stuff. I’ve been fighting with myself about writing this post, because I feel like I’m taking this terrible experience she had, and […]

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The Difficulty of Living

Another Throw Back Thursday post – Funny how this one still applies quite a bit. It’s interesting the things that grieving makes harder. You expect the big stuff, like concentrating at work, or being happy with friends, or doing taxes to be difficult. What I have been surprised by have been the small things. The […]

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Grief Hurts

One thing I didn’t think about or know before Ian died was that grief actually has physical effects. I mean, sure, I knew that crying could cause headaches, that stress could cause muscle tension, and over- or under-eating. But I never put it together for some reason. Since February, I’ve lost a lot of weight. […]

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Too Much

My cat’s ultra awesome totally automated litter box stopped draining on Friday. I couldn’t figure it out that night, so went out on Saturday to get stuff to fix it. In the interim, there was a period of time when it was unusable. Last night, I found a place on my bathroom rug where my […]

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Sunday Letter #4

Fourth installment of a weekly letter to Ian. Again, if you have someone you’ve lost and want to write a letter to them, feel free. You can email me, post it as a comment, whatever. I’ll post it if you want… if you don’t want me to post it I’ll hold onto it. Seems to […]

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