This week, I got a much needed reprieve at work. For the past few months, I was helping cover a position that I used to hold, and the person who had it had left. It was quite stressful, and took us a LONG time to find the right person to fill it. But we finally […]

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Cleaning the Wound

As time passes, the awareness of Ian’s death has changed for me. At first, the knowledge would sneak up on me, punch me in the gut when I remembered the reality. Then it became this constant feeling of doom, gloom, sadness, and pain. At this point, though, it’s different. Interesting. I never forget. It’s not […]

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Day One

On the day I found the body of my best friend, co-worker, the man I loved with my whole being, I wasn’t online much. Prior to the discovery, it was a fairly normal day. Then at lunch, I found him, and everything changed. After dealing with the police, medical examiner, a tow truck for my […]

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