A Lighter Article

So, on a much lighter note, I found this article today, and I just KNOW Ian would have gotten a huge kick out of it, so I wanted to link it here. I’ve been missing him a lot this week, and finding this article that he would have loved gave me a reason to smile […]

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Article: The New Normal

Someone sent me this article today. It’s spot on. On the whole, it’s choppy and messy and non-linear. One emotion doesn’t flow neatly into another but hits you suddenly like morning sickness and can’t be pushed down. The only way to make it stop is to vomit up the feeling — to feel it deeply […]

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How to Help a Grieving Friend

This is an article I found, and it is SPOT ON. If you know someone who’s grieving, and aren’t sure you’re doing the right thing, read it. In fact? Read it anyway. Whether you know someone right now or not, chances are, you will in the future. Read it. Put the ideas in your tool […]

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There’s Nothing Selfish About Suicide

A repost of an article that appeared on Huffington Post that I found through the POS/FFOS email group I’m in: There’s Nothing Selfish About Suicide by Katie Hurley – The Huffington Post I am a survivor of suicide. I don’t talk about it a lot these days, as I’ve reached the point where it feels […]

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Surviving Parents

No throwback today either. This article showed up in my email group, and I thought it would be good to share. If a mother can be only as happy as her unhappiest child, the unhappiest of mothers are those whose children have died- particularly when the death was intentional. For them, time seems doubly out […]

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Upcoming Holidays

No throwback post today. This came to my email box from the email support group I’m a part of. It’s a really good article about dealing with the holidays and traditions after a loved one dies. I admit that I cried while reading it. A couple excerpts: …After a death it’s common to feel a […]

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Sunday Guest Post – Selfish?

Today, I’m going to quote a part of a longer piece that a friend of mine wrote back in 2008. She is one of the most eloquent writers about depression, suicide, and life in general that I’ve ever met, and her experiences with being suicidal and tearing her way through and out of it are […]

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Sunday “Guest” Post – Disenfranchised Grief

I came upon this article from Oprah.com, and thought it particularly fitting. So I’m linking it here, and posting the body below. When you’re in mourning, it’s easy to feel that nobody understands what you’re going through. And this is particularly true with “disenfranchised grief”—the pain of a significant loss that is not openly acknowledged […]

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Grief: A Common Experience with Common Misconceptions (Part 3)

The third and final part of my Sunday series of guest posts by a professional therapist and dear friend of mine. If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2 yet, please do so! An Essay by Noble Erickson, MA Depression While easy to understand in the face of such potent loss, Depression is for […]

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Grief: A Common Experience with Common Misconceptions (Part 2)

Today, I present Part 2 of a Sunday series of guest posts by a professional counselor and my dear friend from college. If you haven’t, please do yourself a favor, and read Part 1 first. An Essay by Noble Erickson, MA Anger This may be the most misunderstood of the grief states. Many people believe […]

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