This is my 200th post. I feel like that needs some sort of notation, so there it is. This week, I changed the pictures on my Facebook. The profile picture was of my memorial tattoo for Ian. The header picture was of him bowling. That one was a really good picture of him. I feel […]

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No News?

They say no news is good news, and in most cases, I agree. In the context of this blog, however, I’m not liking that there’s no new revelations lately. I am sick of being a broken record. Yes, everyone knows I miss Ian… That’s uninteresting at this point. With the events of last weekend, and […]

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Last night, on my way to karaoke, I drove the way I tend to drive to work; the way that takes me past the turnoff to Ian’s house. The way I would have driven were I going to pick him up to take him to karaoke (minus actually turning off and going to his house, […]

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This morning, I went shopping for glasses. For the first time in at least 15 years, I am going to have some glasses for work. As I was thinking about this last night, I was pondering how someone’s glasses seem to hold a lot of their essence. I’m not sure why, but I feel that […]

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Day 365

One year. I’m having trouble figuring out how to address this day here. It feels like it’s both a huge deal, because it’s the Anniversary, and that it’s completely unimportant, because it’s just another day without Ian. One year ago right now, 12:12pm cst, I was getting ready to leave work to go to his […]

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Random Memories

I still think of Ian every day. Whether it’s wishing he were here to talk to or remembering something or thinking of how he’d feel about something, it’s still every day. This past week, I was staying at my mom’s place, house sitting for her. I thought the change from routine, getting to a place […]

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It Comes In Waves

Today is a harder day than I’ve had in a little while. I went to the place where we did karaoke together a lot last night, and it was fine. There were a few moments of sadness & nostalgia, but overall, it was a good night. Today, my playlist seems insistent on reminding me of […]

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Another Throw Back Thursday Post: Being on vacation, outside of my life has been good for me. I still miss Ian every day, but the constant reminders aren’t here. I’m seeing people he didn’t know very well if at all. I’m going places we never went, or really even talked about. I miss my home, […]

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I actually forgot today was Tuesday for a bit. Things have been so busy for me at work and home that I’m really not having a lot of brooding time, which might be good. Maybe it’s because of that that for the most part, lately, I haven’t been terribly sad. I’ve been going. Concentrating on […]

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Sunday Letter #27

Ian, Despite a pretty terrible start, this week was surprisingly good. We started a D&D game with a group from work, that you would absolutely be a part of. But even though you’re not, I’m able to have fun… Let an alternate world take me away for a while. I’m getting tired of hearing myself […]

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