Long Time

It has been a very long time since I posted last, and many things have changed.

I suppose it’s inevitable that I have fewer and fewer things to talk about here. As time passes, healing occurs. I will forever carry with me the scar of the wound, but certainly, it stops bleeding eventually.

I don’t know whether this site has been helpful for anyone other than me. It was certainly cathartic, and helped me work through the devastation.

I leave the site functioning because I have the hope that maybe someone else will need it, will need to see how one person felt, reacted, was laid low, and slowly managed to stand back up again after the suicide of a loved one. If it helps even one person feel not as alone in this, then it’s worth it.

Be well, all. Take care of yourselves. Love fully. Don’t let things remain unsaid. Appreciate the good in your world. And always keep fighting. You’re worth it.

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