I was pondering the things I learned from Ian. There are many.

Most recently, I learned that everyone should have an “in case I get hit by a bus” file at home that contains all the pertinent passwords, phone unlock code, and account information, as well as a will… Even just a written note saying who is important enough to you to warrant having claim to your stuff. In the order of importance.

Before that though, I learned fun things. I learned positive things.

I learned to not care what other people think and enjoy myself. 

I learned to love the things I love with my whole heart.

I learned about music.

I learned about movies.

I learned to love baseball.

I learned that I deserved to be considered and treated well.

I learned the importance of creating mixed tapes thoughtfully.

I learned that it’s ok not to like things.

I learned the joys of karaoke.

I learned it’s possible to love someone with your whole heart and still not be close enough to them.

I learned that someone can bring light into your life that you never knew was missing.

There are so many more things I learned. And I’ll continue to add to the list as I can. Because I think it’s important.

If you’ve lost someone, can you look back and name things you’ve learned?

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2 thoughts on “Learning

  1. When Dad died, I learned the importance of getting in touch with people when you’re impressed to. I’m so glad I called him the day before!
    Also, I decided to adopt one of his positive attributes, he was so friendly to people, strangers and next door neighbors. “He never met a stranger” fit Dad. It’s not my nature to easily talk with strangers, but when I remember to, life is more fun.
    Thanks, Dad!
    I also learned that any time in the process of life/living and dying, people are more important than things.
    The importance of being sensitive to peoples pain and allowing them to feel as they feel and not judge was made more clear, too.
    In life, Dad taught me to harmonize, and love singing.
    And he taught me to be kind to animals.
    To plan your spending.
    The importance of being respectful of others was also something I learned from being his daughter.
    Thanks for the chance to think of these things, Iris.

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