Sunday Letter #3

Continuing the Sunday Letter trend: Ian, It’s after 2am Sunday morning, Mother’s Day. I can’t help but feel for your mom today. I wish I had a way I could help her. Instead, I’m lying awake in my own mom’s guest bed after a semi-harrowing drive down to her place. The drive let me have […]

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Helping the Depressed

I have several friends who struggle with depression. Since Ian’s suicide, I’ve done some more research, trying to see how best to help the rest of them. In doing so, I’ve figured out some things I could have done better for him.  It’s possible that those things wouldn’t have helped. But maybe, if I’d known […]

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I should have noticed. I should have called. I should have… Regret is a bitch.  And here’s the deal. We all do the best we can with the information we have at the time. If I’d known then what I do now, I would have realized that him requesting the kitten for a night meant […]

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Holding to Hope

Honestly, today’s been one of the worse days in this thing… Not because of the friend I have in town, but just because I seemed to be more emotionally…. Unstable? Raw? On edge? Something in that mix. I just felt like I was about to lose it all day long. Not sure in which way… […]

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How To Move Forward

How is it that life just goes on? I feel like I’m constantly being punched in the gut. I know I’m strong enough to get through this. I know I will. But, for the life of me, I can’t even begin to fathom HOW. The center of my world for the past four years has […]

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Grief: A Common Experience with Common Misconceptions (Part 3)

The third and final part of my Sunday series of guest posts by a professional therapist and dear friend of mine. If you haven’t read Part 1 and Part 2 yet, please do so! An Essay by Noble Erickson, MA Depression While easy to understand in the face of such potent loss, Depression is for […]

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Grief: A Common Experience with Common Misconceptions (Part 1)

I have the amazing luck to have some friends who are very smart, and who have written some incredibly useful and insightful things. One of them is a friend of mine from college who is a professional counselor, and has had personal experience with grief of her own. I am going to do a short […]

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No Improvement

I have grown more quiet about my grief. In part because I’m saving things to post here. In bigger part because I’m starting to get tired of hearing my own sadness all the time. If I’m sick of it, how can anyone else not be? So I get more quiet, and try to only post […]

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Even Keel

The days have become mostly standard. I seem to no longer be on tenterhooks all the time. There are certainly times when I’ll think of something, see something, hear something, and cry. And I’m still pretty far from doing well. But it feels mostly like I’m on an even keel. Except I feel like at […]

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Breaking the Silence of Suicide

Suicide is not something that you hear a lot about on a regular basis. After personal experience with it, I discovered that it is far more prevalent than I ever knew. If we can begin to speak to each other about it, maybe we can begin to end the stigma that people who are thinking […]

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