This week, I got a much needed reprieve at work. For the past few months, I was helping cover a position that I used to hold, and the person who had it had left. It was quite stressful, and took us a LONG time to find the right person to fill it.

But we finally did! And this week, I started training her. It made for a week that was less productive than I really could afford, but it’s the beginning of relief, so I’m very happy.

It did bring up a question for me, though. As I’ve been training her, we talk about our lives, get to know each other… And I would talk about Ian… But not say anything about who he was to me, or where he is now… “One of my friends used to…” Or “one of the people who used to work here…”

She even saw the picture of him and commented on it, and I said something non-committal about yeah he was a card, or something.

At what point do you tell people the detail that this person is dead? Or that the person who wrote the notes you told them to take a look at killed himself?

I don’t know. I haven’t yet… So I guess not yet?

Written 12/13/2014

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