Cleaning the Wound

As time passes, the awareness of Ian’s death has changed for me. At first, the knowledge would sneak up on me, punch me in the gut when I remembered the reality. Then it became this constant feeling of doom, gloom, sadness, and pain. At this point, though, it’s different. Interesting. I never forget. It’s not […]

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Grief: A Common Experience with Common Misconceptions (Part 1)

I have the amazing luck to have some friends who are very smart, and who have written some incredibly useful and insightful things. One of them is a friend of mine from college who is a professional counselor, and has had personal experience with grief of her own. I am going to do a short […]

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I Can’t Hear You!

I may have hit the denial stage in earnest. Or bargaining? Maybe both? I’ve started dreaming of him. In the dreams, he and I are in normal situations, doing normal things. We are talking, or singing, or just hanging out. It’s fun and good, and I’m home again. And I wake up, and know he’s […]

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