There are days when I’m ok. I’ve been hungry like a normal person, eating regularly… For a good couple weeks steady.

And then today, everything hit home again some. There are other things going on in my life.. My grandma is having health issues, and I fear the worst. Maybe just because I’m low on hope, but it just doesn’t seem like she’ll be able to bounce back from this.

I’ve called her a couple times since her accident, and each time, she tells me again what happened, because she can’t remember that I’ve called before.

Today it all hit. Ian, grandma, other stuff… And it just feels too big. I don’t know how I can deal with it all.

So tonight, I can’t feel hungry… Don’t feel the motivation to do anything more than sit and hug my cat.

It’s to be expected, I know. Forward and back… Better and worse.

Maybe tomorrow will be better again.

Written 7/15/2014

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