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On Monday, the support group I’m part of had a question about memories of movies. They asked: “What were some of the favorite movies and television shows of the person you remember in FFOS? Do you have any memories of them watching them?”

That question brought back so many memories for me that I decided to share them there. And I feel like sharing them here too, so here you go:

Oh, Ian LOVED some movies. He would force me to watch things if I hadn’t seen them. There were many nights that we stayed up until the not so wee hours watching movies after singing all night. He introduced me to so many, including “The Last Waltz,” “The Wall,” “High Fidelity,” and “Bull Durham” – as well as watching multiple times other movies that I’d already seen.

I tried to get him interested in some TV shows, but none of them ever really stuck. He was much more interested in watching things he knew. He loved the first four seasons of “The West Wing,” and stubbornly refused to even watch the rest of it. He did love Breaking Bad, and sadly, lost his battle with Depression before the last season came out on Netflix so he could watch it.

Watching movies he loved with him was entertaining because when a scene would start that contained one of his favorite lines, he’d quote the line. It took me a few times of confused questioning to realize he had this habit, and learn to just wait for the line for it to make sense. We’d sit on his couch, my legs on his lap, and when things got intense, or a part came up that he really loved, he’d pound on my shins, or squeeze them really hard. I never thought to not put my legs there because it hurt, though that would have been smart.

What I would give to have one more night of movie watching with him – sore shins and all.

Written 3/30/2015

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